The Dr. Jack Stockwell Show is your place for common-sense health care and nutrition advice. In a media environment, filled with more information about health and wellness than any one person can digest, Dr. Jack gives his listeners common sense food for thought to keep their bodies and immune systems in top shape.

Dr. Jack, who has a thriving practice in Salt Lake City, is a board certified NUCCA doctor ( and a graduate of Palmer College. He espouses the alternative/prevention model of health care, declaring, "Our bodies are no more healthy than our immune systems are strong".

This information-heavy and caller-driven program features topics such as:

  • Alternative views to the, drugs for everything and anything, model of health care

  • Why does the FDA continue to promote drugs they know to be harmful?

  • Short explanations "in crystal clarity" as to how the body functions

  • Why diet plans don't work

  • How to have a new heart, liver, kidney and skeletal bones in under a year's time

  • How to tell if you have a "good" doctor

  • Why the medical model is failing and why more money is being spent on alternative health care than ever before

In addition, he has authored over 30 CD's, on numerous topics, ranging from the heart, liver, immune system, reproductive system, nervous system, to diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, hypothyroidism, and many more.

Whether it is female infertility, debilitating migraines, brain injuries, chronic degenerative diseases, or simple sciatica, his listeners get effective advice. His patients fly hundreds of miles or drive hours for his care.