The National Defense is a one-hour weekly talk show dedicated to America's heroes. Every week, the National Defense brings to the forefront issues of vital importance to our country but, until now, discussed by talk show hosts who have little or no connection to the United States military. With over 20 million veterans living in this country, the armed services have needed one of their own to champion the causes and issues most important to those who have served and bravely serve today.

Host, Jerry Newberry, is Director of Communications for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and an Army Vietnam veteran. The National Defense is co-hosted by Randy Miller, a broadcast veteran who brings his passion for the military, and concern for the country to the table as well. Each week, the two discuss current hot topics of interest to veterans and interview national military and political figures.

The National Defense has broadcast from Iraq, Afghanistan, and many military bases around the country. Interviews include John McCain, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Wesley Clark, Bob Dole, General David Petraeus, and hundreds of ordinary, unsung heroes around the world.

Make no mistake, The National Defense is the most patriotic show on the air today, and we make no apologies for it!

Jerry Newberry joined the staff at VFW National Headquarters as Director of Communications and Public Affairs in January, 2001. Previous to this, he was employed by a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition, he was a speech writer for a former Secretary of the VA. Newberry entered the Army in 1968 serving with the 101st Airborne and MACV in Vietnam. Following military service, Newberry earned a degree in business and political science from Wayne State in Detroit, Michigan. As a former newspaper reporter and columnist, Newberry stayed active in veterans' affairs during this time.