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Doug Stephan has been helping audiences start every day as a good day with the top stories they need to know and the off-beat crazy ones they love to talk about. Offering stability in morning drive, Good Day has been a powerful part of the morning lineup on hundreds of stations for years.

It is a compelling blend of information and entertainment, delivering all of the day's top stories with wit and personality. The show features sound-rich storytelling, thought provoking discussion, newsmaker interviews, and listener interaction via phone and social networks.

Desiring personality-driven news and information? Good Day delivers! Host Doug Stephan along with his team of Jennifer Horn, Rich McFadden, and Roberta Facinelli get your listeners' day started with the information they need to know. Good Day also has a cast of contributors, who enhance the quality of depth of the show. These lifestyle features are great for local sponsors and draw from a cast of trusted experts on relatable topics such as home improvement, autos, pets, health and wellness, cooking, travel, money, and more.

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Good Day enhances your station's local image by keeping your listeners informed. The show can be custom designed to be an effective lead-in to your local morning show, to be your station's morning show, or to follow your local morning show in the mid-morning. Whatever your localizing need-we have a solution.

Stability in morning drive is a cornerstone of Good Day's tenured success. Good Day is reliable and independently produced; in today's turbulent environment, this show isn't subject to cancellation based on abrupt corporate cuts. It is also designed for maximizing ratings and revenue success. Our PPM friendly clock and format are flexible. This enables you to insert as much or as little local content as you wish, and to develop creative sales packages. Our content and customized approaches are sales friendly and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your market and station's needs.

Solutions for all size markets.

"Good Day is a compelling blend of information and entertainment, delivering all of the day's top stories with wit and personality."

David G. Hall, Talk Radio Consultant

Don't settle for a boring news wheel or a strident shout fest - make your mornings entertaining with Doug Stephan's Good Day. Good Day is ready to partner with you! Call Radio America to find out more.


Good Day Audio:

Good Day Features


  • The "Queen of Cheap" with Roberta Facinelli

  • TV news and entertainment with Jennifer Horn

  • "Movie Moments" with Chuck Curry

  • "Tech Talk" with Shelly Palmer


  • "Naked Fitness" with Andrea Metcalfe

  • "The Pet Show" with Warren Eckstein

  • "The Forbidden Dr" with Dr Jack Stockwell

  • "The Money Pit" with Tom Kraeutler

  • "It's Broke, Let's Fix it" with psychologist Dr Joy Browne

  • Weekly medical news with Dr Ken Kronhaus

  • "Let's get cooking" with Chef Louie

  • Travel Deals with Tom Parsons from