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About the Host

Host Stu Taylor brings to the air an extensive business and political background. His achievements have catapulted him to national prominence in his field. As former President of Taylor Associates, Taylor's company was the largest distributorship of commercial spin-off and movie related merchandise, contributing to the success of such cultural phenomenon as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Saturday Night Fever, and the Power Rangers.

Taylor has hosted such high profile events as The Baseball Hall of Fame inductions, the NHL Stanley Cup, and the Contract For America event at the nation's capitol. He is also an experienced speaker on the lecture tour, appearing on C-Span, CNN, BBC and NPR. Finally, Taylor has been featured Newsweek and is the author of his own highly acclaimed How to Turn Trends Into Fortunes (Without Getting Left in the Dust). You can find out more about Stu at www.stutaylor.com.
As a proven businessman and talk show host, Taylor makes business sense sound like common sense.