Ronnie McMullen, host of Deep Cover (UFO Encounters), has a passion for examining the unusual (and sometimes dismissed) topics that the mainstream media does not cover. Ronnie’s law enforcement training has provided him with the tools to investigate a wide spectrum of unexplained phenomenon, and he has used his skills in delivering the truth to his listeners for the last five years.

Deep Cover’s guests have included people like Congressman Ron Paul, retired military leaders, FBI and Black Ops agents, doctors, scientists and authors. The public’s interest in the truth about UFO’s, the paranormal, spirituality, controversial political topics and the encroachment of Big Brother, combined with McMullen’s investigative tenacity, have made Deep Cover a popular destination among listeners each week.

In December 2006, Ronnie wrote his first book Sold Out Warning. It’s success has led to the follow-up project, Sold Out Warning; Final Contact, which will be released later this year. It is a work that exposes the shadow government and secret societies that have infiltrated our world. It will inform the public of how religious leaders, government, secret societies and Hollywood are all working to keep our “eyes wide shut”.

Deep Cover is more than hunting UFOs. It is about digging deeper and unearthing the forces that are beyond our world.